Niche 3 Mistakes in Social Media Marketing That May Come Back to Haunt You

Picture this.You order an item online and it takes way more time to arrive than it should. Plus, a few items are missing in the package. Frustrated, you take to the vendor’s Facebook channel to voice your concerns and expect to be compensated.And despite repeated prodding, there is complete radio silence at the other end.The experience didn’t feel good did it? You think maybe this business doesn’t care about you – how you trusted it to give you a good experience and it shattered this trust instead. So you do what any frustrated individual would – you vow never to order anything from here again and hit the “unlike” button.For social media strategists, there is a lesson to be learned here. A social media marketing strategy can eventually falter with a few unlikes and negative comments.As a business owner, social media gives you limited chances to make a good impression. How you take advantage of these chances might make your business or break it.The proof is in these stats:• 71% of users who have a positive social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend it – Ambassador• According to a study, hardly 20% of social media posts hardly generate any emotional reaction on social media – Havas Media• 42% of Twitter users expect to be expect a business to respond to their inquiries within an hour – AmbassadorAs a social media marketer, the best way to improve your social media strategy is to first find why it falters in the first place. Here are some mistakes that you might have overlooked:1 – Being careless with negative feedbackIf you have ever dealt with a salesperson, you wouldn’t expect him to become defensive when you have a complaint or be careless about your concerns.So why would your followers on social media?Keep in mind, whenever anyone says something negative about you on social media, the rest of your followers can see them. And they will be as interested to see how you respond.

For businesses, this is a nail-biting scenario. But it is totally avoidable. Here is how:• Put someone competent behind the wheel: Experienced professionals like social media experts will take an unbiased approach to the negativity and know that being careless about it serves no purpose.For example, they know that being unresponsive to comments like “your service sucks! I want my money back” doesn’t really help anyone. A well worded reply on the other hand, helps both your reputation and appeases rising tempers.To illustrate, your reply should go something like, “We are sorry that you had a bad experience. Can you tell us exactly what happened so we can make amends?” This way, you are more likely to ease frustrated customers.• Become alert to mentions by using online tools: It’s easy to forget about something you don’t encounter every day. Comments on social media are the same. You can’t track every one of them. No one inboxes them to you and there is no guarantee that followers will tag you.To keep track of all comments, you can use tools like Google Alerts which notify you when anyone uses your keywords on their social media fields.2 – Using social media management tools to schedule same posts on all platformsSocial media management tools allow marketers to post the same content on several social media platforms at once. Many businesses use it to schedule posts. And it has worked for them too, freeing up the time they need to focus on other tasks.But oftentimes, people use these tools as a shortcut to schedule same posts on several platforms. It’s a lazy tactic and shows that you don’t care how your content is received by audiences.Keep in mind, what works on Facebook or Twitter won’t necessarily work on LinkedIn. Every social media platform was created with specific target audiences in mind. A 140 character tweet, for example, won’t sit well with LinkedIn audiences who expect more comprehensive posts.Use tools to schedule optimized postsTo make the most of social sharing tools, improve your social media strategy first. Take the time to learn about the unique capabilities of each platform. Limit yourself to two or three platforms if that is what it takes. For example, posts that are rich in imagery are more successful on Google+.Hootsuite and HubSpot are two of the many social media management tools that you can use to automate posts and even see which channels are driving the most engagement. In addition to automated content sharing, these platforms also offer free online social marketing training courses that can help you make the most of each platform like optimizing your posts for different social media channels.3 – Skimping on social share buttonsBusiness owners usually reserve their best content for their websites. Content like informative blogs, for example, establish them as experts in their niches.It also give visitors a chance to stay longer on these websites. Perhaps they would like to look around to see what else is on offer?Unfortunately, you could feature content that everyone would love to share – but if visitors don’t have any way to share it, it isn’t going to get the exposure you are looking for.To make this work for you:• Make your social sharing work on mobile: Statistics show that over 15% of tweet mentions are from the tweet buttons that are embedded on your site. This also proves to show that people share a lot on mobile devices.• Tools to create social share buttons for WordPress: You can use online tools to create customized social share buttons for different audiences.

When selecting appropriate plugins, a good rule of thumb is to select those that allow you more freedom in the type of social share buttons you can create for different platforms.For example, to improve engagement with mobile audiences you can tell your developers to download WordPress plugin tools like Simple Share Buttons Adder to create customized share buttons for your web or mobile audience and add them to all of your social media posts. Another plugin tool is Addthis.• Have a social budget: If anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Tools like Simple Share Button Adder are free to download and use. But if you really want to make your share buttons shine, it’s best to have a budget for it and use it to purchase their pro or premium packages. These offer more customization options and retail for around $10 to $100 dollars.• Select shareable content wisely: If you want to take advantage of social media, your content must be something that people would want to share. Image rich posts, for example, are shared a lot more than text-based content.To illustrate, consider infographics. Studies show that infographics are shared and “liked” on social media 3 times more than any other type of content.Wrapping UpUse tools to keep yourself alert to negative comments and rely on professional help. Avoid taking the lazy way out by ditching the auto posting strategy. Pay attention to the type of content you post, how your followers share content on your social platforms of choice and optimize it for mobile to expand your reach.It’s a mistake to regard social as a quick and easy solution to market your brand. It takes time, effort and patience. Learning about the mistakes and pitfalls can help you avoid them.

Niche 5 Of The Best Ways To Improve YouTube Marketing

As the popularity of videos surged and they started becoming one of the most important channels of content discovery, YouTube’s significance substantially rose and it became the primary medium for content propagation.As of now, YouTube is the second largest search engine, next only to Google.Almost around 60 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every single minute and well over 4 billion video are watched every 24 hours.Since the customers tend to navigate among the various platforms, it only makes sense for business owners to reach out and cater to their customers across all such touch points.As we all know, YouTube is now a Google product, marketing on YouTube automatically gives the content a massive boost on Google results as well.If you still haven’t moved to video marketing, you ought to hurry up. Add a whole new dimension to your marketing mix and add depth to your marketing campaigns.

If you’ve been trying your luck with YouTube marketing for a very long time and still not getting results, you could use the below mentioned actionable strategies to enhance your YouTube marketing efforts,These are the 4 tips to up your YouTube marketing game:

Sit back and research
I cannot lay enough stress on the importance of understanding the landscape. It’s easily one of the most belittled aspects of video content marketing. Try and grasp as much as you can about your niche target market and the prominent players currently in your segment.

There’s a famous saying that applies really well in the digital marketing realm. ‘Those who fail to plan are planning to fail.’ Now that you’re well aware of the prevalent scenario and your competitors, it’s about time you begin planning how you would go about it.Planning video structures and scripts is one option. You should also curate a list of content buckets. Content buckets are a really efficacious source of educating, entertaining and then direct your viewers to wherever you want them to.

Post unconventional content and rouse curiosity
At most, people can tolerate a dry, monotonous tutorial given that it provides them with unique information they can’t find elsewhere. That being said, no one is going to watch a dull and dead infomercial. And please make it a point not to mimic famous artists.Alternatively, what you need to do is get out of your immediate product zone and try and get people excited, while positively reflecting on your brand and service.

You cannot do without content cadence
Without content cadence, your YouTube marketing efforts are worthless. You simply cannot build a fan following, if you’re not consistent with your postings.

Most of the YouTube marketers begin with an overwhelming start but fade out over time. That’s because consistency requires never-ending hard work.By any means, this is not a recommendation to publish irksome, mundane content. That simply doesn’t work.

Almost all the successful YouTube marketers are known to collaborate. There’s nothing better than leveraging the benefits of someone else’s hard work and audience, and getting your content shared and viewed by millions.Collaboration is mutually benefitting and a win-win situation for all the marketers involved where everyone gets the best of each other’s group of audience.

Niche How To Write An eBook That Will Sell

People still buy eBooks. There are many online business owners, information marketers and bloggers who generate a substantial revenue selling their eBooks. You probably already know this, and are looking to write an eBook yourself. so how can you write an eBook that sell?Why Will People Buy Your eBook?When you write an eBook, your content will probably comprise of information and facts that you have acquired and gathered over a period of time. So why should people buy your eBook when they can search the internet and probably get that information for free?To start with, how much time have your target audience got to spend time searching for that information? If and when they do find that information, how do they know it’s correct or from a trusted source? After all, we all know that not everything on the internet is true.

Build A Relationship With Your AudiencePeople buy eBooks from people they know, like, trust and respect. When your website illustrates your knowledge in your specialized niche, you will earn the trust of your audience. Provide good value content on your website that your website visitors can see, read, listen to or watch for free.If the information that you give away for free is good, they will then be more inclined to buy information from you rather than rely on unreliable information from a non-trustworthy source.Provide Solutions To Their ProblemsWhen you need an answer to a problem how much time are you willing to spend looking for, locating and verifying it?Your prospects are time poor and need a solution to their problem quickly from someone they can trust. Your sales messages will have told them that your eBook provides information that will help them to solve a problem or that will make their life easier in some way.So when someone makes the decision to buy an eBook from you, they’ll want that information immediately. Ensure that your sales delivery process is smooth, safe and secure, and gets your eBook to them quickly.

And, if you offer a full money-back satisfaction guarantee, there is absolutely no risk to them at all.Understand Your CustomerSuccess online is all about understanding your market intimately. You must know your potential customers inside and out. When you write an eBook, the topic you write about should be something you know extremely well, or can research exhaustively. It should exceed your customers expectations so that they will come back and buy from you again.